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As the temperature outside slowly starts to warm up, it’s important to remember to get your oil changed before hitting the roads this season. The colder months of winter put your vehicle through a lot of stress, which can cause your oil to thicken and become dirty. Here at Key CDJR of Rochester, our service team wants to remind you that we offer oil change services and inspections to help keep your vehicle running in good health.

How Do I Know I’m Due for an Oil Change?

There are many ways to tell that your vehicle is due for an oil change in Somersworth. Firstly, you can refer to your owner’s manual to check for service info, including the recommended intervals for getting your oil changed. Secondly, if you’ve scheduled service with us before, you can refer to the service sticker on the inside of your windshield, which has the date and mileage of your last oil change written on it. If you notice your odometer exceeding that mileage or past the due date, you know it’s time for you to get your oil changed.

Another way to check for dirty oil is by physically inspecting the oil dipstick located underneath the hood. This can be done at home using a paper towel or rag to clean the dipstick's end. You can also bring in your vehicle to our Key CDJR service facility to have it inspected by our professional service team.

We Offer Quick & Convenient Oil Change Services

Proudly serving Dover and Portsmouth drivers, we invite all drivers to schedule an oil change appointment at Key CDJR of Rochester. We’ll help replenish your engine with fresh motor oil and even replace your oil filter to ensure you’re good to go for the roads ahead of this spring. Please call or contact us online for more information and remember to get your oil changed this season! We look forward to meeting you near Hampton.

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